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Sweet Saint Nicolas.. Holiday Baby 5 days old (newborn photography)

This is sweet little Nicolas. I had the honor of getting to photograph him yesterday. This little guy tested my baby skills yesterday but in the end we got so many adorable shots of him and you would have to agree he is about as precious as they come. Here is a sneak peek for mom and dad...


bpayne said...

Hi! I've been following your posts on OPS the past few weeks or so. I must say I am in awe of these newborn pictures. They are so adorable and you must have a knack for getting these babies looking so cozy and sleepy :)

TeresaS said...

You are talented at so many things but your baby photography is just amazing and I do mean AMAZING. When it comes to being creative and original and doing it to perfection you win.

I look at your blog often and every time I'm in awe, sometimes over the same pictures-that alone says alot.

oh I wish there was a way we could travel to you for Peyton's pictures-better yet go back in time and get you to take Sayre's newborn one:0)